The blockchain revolution has enabled digital currencies and NFTs. The new methods to transact and own digital goods are allowing creators to monetize their activities through tokens.

Metadibs® purpose is to helps creators to enter the blockchain and to create leads with artists.

Web3, NFT and the metaverse are coming - a collective virtual space where people live, work and trade both physically and digitally.

Metadibs believes in these exciting developments and provides curation services for creators, full-360°-services for Web3 related businesses, digital strategy development for companies / brands that want to invest in the new as fast as dynamic coming decentralized web, franchise development for Web3 and marketing services.

Together with an extensive international network of collectors, creators and a technology-minded audience, Metadibs® enables high-quality content - non-stop, infinite and live.


Our team is passionate about art & technology and building strong communities.


Metadibs® offers white-label solution with with blockchains of your choice. We advise on all aspects of NFTs, we create NFTs, we mine NFTs. We create virtual spaces for the art world as well as for brands, who want to experience their products in the metaverse.


We offer white label solutions so that galleries, museums as well as artists can establish their own brand. In addition to professional NFT support, we offer

— Artists NFT based catalogue raisonées
— Galleries a digital trading platform and attractive marketing strategies
— Collectors the secure storage of their digital assets and inventory support
— Communities guidance in finding real art in the NFT market
— VR & AR Experiences for Galleries